Best photos of 2017

I’m surprised to say this, but I took many of these photos with my iPhone 6. When conditions are just right, I’m surprised by what it’s able to do.

Crabapple flowers, spring 2017. This is just up the street from our house; I’ve never seen a crabapple that flowers more profusely every year than this one.

Daffodils, near the Hiawatha Golf Course at sunrise, spring 2017.

My kid “walking on water” in the Boundary Waters, 2017.

We had one of those magical do-nothing vacations at a BWCA-connected lake WAY up north last July. I’ve never done less and had more fun doing it.

Sunset over Little Ollie Lake, off the Gunflint Trail, MN. You can see a giant thunderhead in the center right above the treeline–a friend was staying near Ely at the same time and had thunderstorms that night.

We had a profusion of Painted Lady butterflies in Minnesota in late summer 2017. They were EVERYWHERE! If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if they were monarchs…

I am always snapping panoramas at this spot, where I walk the dog at sunrise many mornings out of the year. I am hoping to see this golf course returned to its original state some day—a wetland that supports a multitude of wildlife. It may just happen, yet.


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