Signal to Noise for Season Tickets

The marketing team at the orchestra has been talking about updating the UI of our Subscriptions landing page for quite some time now. The old page was very utilitarian, had links to ALL THE THINGS that people could buy, and had lots of useful information. Trouble was, it felt underwhelming and had signal-to-noise issues:

The hierarchy was almost non-existent, and the benefits to subscribing were actually hidden behind little expanding menus. Full disclosure: this was my idea! In trying to reduce the amount of text on the page, I hid important selling points.

The new design is much more streamlined and looks great on mobile:

One of the nice features of the new design is that we’ll have added flexibility to feature certain packages with a nice large image at the top when we’re running promotions.

I also liked my co-worker’s idea of just consolidating all the benefits at the top and calling out the one benefit that is different for each type of subscription package.

Additionally, we can easily update the images used to promote each type of package, helping the page feel more fresh and timely.

See the page live on the website.

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