Favorite photos of 2018

Skiing, copyright Jennifer Rensenbrink 2018
Skiing Fort Snelling State Park January 2018. The 2018-19 winter has been sadly lacking in snow.
Sunrise photo © Jennifer Rensenbrink 2018
Sunrise at the future Hiawatha Lake Restoration (currently known as the golf course, don’t @ me)
Trillium blooming along the Brule River, Superior Hiking Trail, May 2018
Cicada exoskeleton posed oddly on a flower, summer 2018
Anneke and Buckles, canoeing Fenske Lake, August 2018
Magnolia, April 2018
Fairy garden, June 2018
Bumblebee on Joe Pye Weed, August 2018
Rowan and Buckles canoeing Fenske Lake, August 2018

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