About me

About me
I’ve been designing websites since the late 1990s. I’m a multi-disciplinary person with lots of interests—photography, gardening, landscaping, cooking, marketing, writing—but one common thread unites them all: a love of great design that helps people, whether they’re trying to grow vegetables or buy tickets to a concert at Orchestra Hall.  As a designer, gardener, mom, and human, I’m a fan of the permaculture movement.

Permaculture provides a lens through which we can start this process of helping people—in web design, in landscape design, in the workplace. In short: Design Everything.

What is permaculture, you ask? Here is a start, though you’ll note that, as with life, some things are contradictory:

Principles of Permaculture
[ source unknown ]
The NEW Home Economics
Another way to think about this is a reimagining of Home Ec classes that no longer exist in schools. How can we [re]design our lives to maximize health and family time, given the realities of modern existence? I started a blog about this in February 2009; the project is ongoing and I’ve learned a ton. Read the blog.

Hire me!
I design and code (HTML and CSS). I recently managed social media for a very large band; now I manage that band’s creative team. I garden. I dabble in landscape design, writing and photography. I teach classes at Sabathani Community Center. Most importantly, I am Mom to two brilliant kids who happened to be born the same day.

I’d love to hear about a project that you might need help on. Drop me a line using the form below! Or connect with me via LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I had just read an articel you had written about alternatives to peat. You mentioned that rice hulls weren`t really native to your area. What about wild rice hulls. There are processors in our state with Mountains of them. Just a thought………..Eric

  2. Wow. I just stumbled upon your website, and have bookmarked to read some more – great content! Would love to know how your hops are growing and if you are happy with that decision? Have a great day and really enjoy your writings.

    1. Hi Don, my hops are doing very well (still frozen in the ground as of right now). We’ve had a few nice harvests—we have 4 vines and the one that gets more sun definitely produces more flowers, but that was not a surprise. They work great for shade and screening during the summer months, just as we hoped they would.

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