About me

About me
I’m a multi-disciplinary person with lots of interests—email marketing, building websites, photography, gardening, landscaping, cooking, writing—but one common thread unites them all: a love of great design that helps people.  

As a designer, gardener, mom, and human, I’m also a fan of the permaculture movement. Permaculture provides a lens through which we can start this process of helping people—in web design, in landscape design, in the workplace. I’ve been blogging my permaculture journey in my home landscape for the past 10+ years.

My skillset / your project
My day job is as an email developer for a nonprofit health insurer in Minnesota—I’ve been working in various email marketing roles for 15+ years. I’ve also built websites and managed social media accounts in a nonprofit setting. I dabble in writing and photography. Most importantly, I am Mom to two brilliant kids who happened to be born the same day.

I’d love to hear about a project that you might need help on. Drop me a line using the form below! Or connect with me via LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I had just read an articel you had written about alternatives to peat. You mentioned that rice hulls weren`t really native to your area. What about wild rice hulls. There are processors in our state with Mountains of them. Just a thought………..Eric

  2. Wow. I just stumbled upon your website, and have bookmarked to read some more – great content! Would love to know how your hops are growing and if you are happy with that decision? Have a great day and really enjoy your writings.

    1. Hi Don, my hops are doing very well (still frozen in the ground as of right now). We’ve had a few nice harvests—we have 4 vines and the one that gets more sun definitely produces more flowers, but that was not a surprise. They work great for shade and screening during the summer months, just as we hoped they would.

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