Minnesota Orchestra's new 404 page


I first had the idea for this 404 page back in 2011. But I thought there was no way that our musicians would agree to it, so I kept putting off asking them. Then we had a long period of time where the musicians were locked out in a labor dispute, so of course lots of things got put on hold.

I finally worked up the courage to ask this summer, and the trombones loved the idea. I knew I wanted a video of #sadtrombone, but I didn’t really plan much beyond that.

The day I shot this video, I came back to my desk, sat down, and suddenly the copy just came to me and I quickly built the page. This was such a fun project and has been very well-received by orchestra fans. Special thanks to the Minnesota Orchestra trombone section for agreeing to do this!

Edible Twin Cities

Edible Twin Cities

My article “Growing Up: Vertical gardens offer many benefits,” along with several photographs and a bonus recipe, is available in the current issue of Edible Twin Cities. So exciting to see my name in print! This magazine is available at most Twin Cities Co-ops and other places where Minnesota food and drink enthusiasts gather.

Please note: Edible Twin Cities ceased publication in 2014. Sad.

The New Liberal Arts

In early 2009, the writers of Snarkmarket called for ideas about how we as a culture could expand on the idea of a liberal arts degree—what would we include, if could design our own College for the Future? My chapter for the book, The New Home Economics, inspired me to start my blog of the same name.

The book was published in July 2009, with a promise that a free digital version would be released as soon as all 200 hardcopies sold. Eight hours later, it became available as a free download. I am honored to have been a part of this project.