Edible Twin Cities

Edible Twin Cities

My article “Growing Up: Vertical gardens offer many benefits,” along with several photographs and a bonus recipe, is available in the current issue of Edible Twin Cities. So exciting to see my name in print! This magazine is available at most Twin Cities Co-ops and other places where Minnesota food and drink enthusiasts gather.

Please note: Edible Twin Cities ceased publication in 2014. Sad.


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One of the most massive undertakings I’ve ever, well, undertaken. In the late fall of 2010 I began to completely re-think every aspect of minnesotaorchestra.org.

I started by taking stock of the content (and inhaling books on Content Strategy). Then I evaluated and chose Joomla as our content management system. An intense spring and summer of template creation, coding, testing, and re-coding followed.

The new website launched on September 27, 2011.

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My first few months at the Minnesota Orchestra were spent building three different microsites. None of these sites exist anymore; we moved away from the microsite concept over the next two years. Two of the three were built in ColdFusion, which powered the Orchestra’s old website.


Sommerfest microsite
Objective: promote Sommerfest concerts at Orchestra Hall
Role: design, code
Process: used design elements from print pieces to design a microsite and matching e-mail templates

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The New Liberal Arts

In early 2009, the writers of Snarkmarket called for ideas about how we as a culture could expand on the idea of a liberal arts degree—what would we include, if could design our own College for the Future? My chapter for the book, The New Home Economics, inspired me to start my blog of the same name.

The book was published in July 2009, with a promise that a free digital version would be released as soon as all 200 hardcopies sold. Eight hours later, it became available as a free download. I am honored to have been a part of this project.

Star Tribune Digital Media Kit


Objective: design a new website featuring all of Star Tribune’s digital products.
Role: designer
Process: brainstormed website architecture with larger team, helping to define the navigation and content. Completed wireframes and mockups in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Upon approval, hand-coded using html, Flash, advanced CSS and javascript, and Clickability content management system. Assisted with copywriting, editing and general maintenance of live site.

Please note: this version of the website no longer exists. #sadtrombone

Star Tribune Snowman

Hands down, this is one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done. Given a snowman illustration with three different outfits, I created MANY different gifs of this snowman experiencing different types of weather. He lived at the top of StarTribune.com for a year or two before the next redesign claimed him as a victim. RIP Snowman!

Star Tribune Snowman

Click here to view all of my snowman animations.

Shop Minnesota

Shop Minnesota was a StarTribune.com mini-site for several years. The idea was to provide an online marketplace for local retailers—especially small businesses that couldn’t afford custom website development at that time.

I worked with a product manager to produce original content for Shop Minnesota’s homepage, including these Mother’s Day and Father’s Day themes.

My role: photography, design, and coding. Click the image to see a larger screenshot.

mothersdaylg fathersdaylg