Star Tribune Digital Media Kit


Objective: design a new website featuring all of Star Tribune’s digital products.
Role: designer
Process: brainstormed website architecture with larger team, helping to define the navigation and content. Completed wireframes and mockups in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Upon approval, hand-coded using html, Flash, advanced CSS and javascript, and Clickability content management system. Assisted with copywriting, editing and general maintenance of live site.

Please note: this version of the website no longer exists. #sadtrombone

Star Tribune Snowman

Hands down, this is one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done. Given a snowman illustration with three different outfits, I created MANY different gifs of this snowman experiencing different types of weather. He lived at the top of for a year or two before the next redesign claimed him as a victim. RIP Snowman!

Star Tribune Snowman

Click here to view all of my snowman animations.

Shop Minnesota

Shop Minnesota was a mini-site for several years. The idea was to provide an online marketplace for local retailers—especially small businesses that couldn’t afford custom website development at that time.

I worked with a product manager to produce original content for Shop Minnesota’s homepage, including these Mother’s Day and Father’s Day themes.

My role: photography, design, and coding. Click the image to see a larger screenshot.

mothersdaylg fathersdaylg